Saturday, April 23, 2011

Writing to Maufacturers for Coupons: Writing to 5 Today! Join me?

A good way to get coupons is to write to the manufacturer of your favorite products.  Tell them how much you love their product.  If you family has a favorite flavor or type of their product, let them know.  Don't be afraid to ask for a coupon, especially if you don't see many coupons from the particular manufacturer.  Want to see the other great ways to get coupons?  Read my Post about it HERE.  I am writing to 5 manufacturers today in hopes of receiving some coupons.  Want to join me?

1. Chiquita Bananas:  Produce coupons are hard to find.  I got the idea to write them from TLC's Extreme Couponing Show. 

2. Beech Nut Baby Food:  Our baby loves their baby food and they don't put coupons out that often. 

3. Hunter Farms Milk and Sherbert:  I emailed Karin and told them how much our family enjoys their milk and especially their Raspberry sherbert. 

4. Breyers: We love their Natural vanilla Ice Cream!  No other brand can compare!  My daughter also loves their new product, YoCrunch Parfaits! 

5. Daisy Sour Cream: We love their sour cream, but I haven't seen any coupons for it lately.

I will post an update when I receive anything from these manufacturers.  Let me know who you are writing to for coupons!

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