Thursday, April 7, 2011

Join Ebates and get $5 Cash or a $10 Gift Card

I LOVE Ebates!  When I first signed up, I was a little skeptical.  I didn't do a ton of online shopping, so I didn't think it would really pay off.  Before I knew it, I had earned $10!  Ebates mailed me check within a few weeks that I cashed at the bank.  I also earned a $10 Target gift when I signed up that I received within a month.

Here is how Ebates works:
1. Go HERE to sign up for Ebates.
2. Check out what retailers are offering the best cash back deals.  This is usually on the home page of Ebates.  You can find a retailer quickly by typing the retailer's name into the search box on Ebates.   

3. Click on the retailer you are interested in.  On this page, scroll down to see the great deals at that retailer.

4. Click "Shop Now" to start shopping.  Ebates takes you there!

It is so easy!   I love shopping through Ebates and earning cash back for purchases at Barnes and Noble, Groupon, Kohls, Lands' End, and Target.  You will be surprised how many retailers are on Ebates!  Happy Shopping!


  1. Good job finding great coupons Beth.. glad I found you.. I am your newest follower. Check on my site and see if there are some blogs you can join the link party.. It will give you new followers.

  2. Will do! Thanks Mrs. Beverly! :)