Sunday, April 10, 2011

Harris Teeter Shopping Trip 4/9/11

Here is what I bought yesterday at HT: 
I separated my items into two transactions so I could get Free Milk with the Kellogg's deal (now expired).

Total Spent:  $46.97 PLUS I earned 2 Free Milk (up to $3.59) Catalina Coupons.  I already used one of them.

Total Saved (with coupons and VIC specials): $69.93.  This was 60% Savings!  This was not, by any means, my best shopping trip (some items weren't on sale), but I thought it was worth sharing considering the high priced items I purchased (2 Pampers, 2 bottles of Tide, and 7 boxes of cereal).  Regular price of the Pampers and Tide alone would have been about $38.00!

Coupons I had that aren't available now: $1/1 Wholly Guacamole, $1/1 minute Maid OJ, and .75 off Kraft Singles.  Other than these 3 coupons, the rest of the coupons were from Sunday paper coupon inserts or you can print the coupons HERE.  Go HERE to see the Harris Teeter/Grocery deals. 

Two important things I have learned from couponing:
1. If you have the opportunity to print a high value coupon for a product you know you will use, DO IT while it is available!  Companies have print limits and once these are reached, the coupon is not available anymore.

2. Hang onto your coupons if an item is not on sale right then.  Usually, the item will go on sale within a few weeks and you will get a better deal.  Shop for items on sale WITH a coupon to maximize your savings!


  1. So can I hire you as my personal shopper?

  2. :) I appreciate the compliment! Hope the coupons helped you.